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"Barbara was fascinating and her reading was absolutely accurate." Barbara Walters of The View


Look for my "The Haunted" segments on Animal Planet on Netfix Souls of the lost asylum...The Bloody Man ...A Place to Die

Barbara in The Haunted

Lost Souls of the Asylum, Cursed Candle Shop Pt. 3/5

Barbara is Animal Planet's psychic for
"The Haunted"

3 Episodes... Click below to watch


"Dear Barbara,

   I Hope you are doing well. I wanted to write you after remembering our conversation regarding the Caylee Anthony case. At the time we spoke, Caylee had been missing for several weeks. I live in florida,and I was desperatly wanting to help in the search efforts for this child. I remember when you also worked on the case of my good friend Jennifer Pammer, and all your predictions were completely correct, so I knew in my heart you would provide real insight to Caylee's case as well.

  I will never forget you said to me, 'They will find her very close to the house, and how surprising it would be because it will be just that close!!' You said it quite a few times in our conversation, and really drove that point home!  I know if detectives had your information , that beautiful child may have been found sooner.You are blessed with a powerful gift. Thank you so much,keep sharing that wonderful gift with the world! "

Warmest regards, Cheri Lindstrom Gallagher, Florida



Recorded February, 2008
(She rarely sees the light of day before noon, so excuse the yawns)


Mercedes Benz Mackey
I always knew I'd have a Mercedes one day!

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Check me out on Susan Pinsky's show on Air Disasters!

(I start at about 35 minutes)

Susan Sailer Pinsky told me:
"Everyone needs to listen to you! We enjoy your insights! Come back soon"

"Loved having you Barbara. I am looking forward to meeting you in person one day!"

MY FACEBOOK POST BEFORE THE Mystery disappearance of 370 jetliner

March 25, 2014: I woke up this morning and felt like the plane was shot down and exploded. I don’t know what to think other than something bigger might be going on.

There were 10 psychics..I was the only one who said this on Susan's radio show..


Hi Barbara:

I wanted to let you know I was truly taken back the accuracy. In the beginning of my reading you had mentioned several names of people who I knew and was connected with. Out of millions of name possibities. You chose exact names, at the time of my reading I was not certain how these people would play a part in my life. Since my reading just over a week ago they have. I have had readings in the past with a few psychics of notoriety. Noreen Reiner, & Sylvia Brown's son, although they were good readings. Your reading I felt was outstanding! My only regret is I did not request more time. I am not someone who makes a career of recieving readings. Until my reading with you, I have not felt anyone was accurate enough."

~Cathy Brown

Not only has Barbara earned her place in the

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she's also been voted as one of The United States and World's Best & Most Trusted Psychics

"Barbara Mackey is a ravishing lady and a superb psychic. Truthful, warm, and capable. Barbara surrounds you with an aura of tranquility and celestial peace. A spiritual comfort and life effervescence. This wonderful lady knows what she's talking about."

Barbara Mackey on Sundays With Rolonda

"You rocked on the show today -- and you were so generous with your time -- please comeback and know you encouraged so many folks!" ~ Rolonda Watts

Rochelle McCall @ Barbara: "U were on point 100% with me"

"You have to come back, Barbara Mackey Everybody appreciated you -- even Brown Beasley eventually! LOL Thank you so much!" ~Rolonda Watts

Sean and Sue radio button

Barbara with Shawn and Sue... Barbara has been WOBM's resident psychic for the past 15 years!

Sean and Suewobm

"Barbara is a great guest ...always fun and she always lights up our phone lines!" Shawn & Sue

"Dear Ms. Mackey,
I want to let you know that about a year and a half ago I called into WOBM and asked you about a health problem I was having that no one had diagnosed correctly. You told me to check into auto-immune diseases and you were exactly right! I was later diagnosed with polymyalgia- rheumatica. I would like to know when you will be on WOBM again. This time I have a question to ask about my daughter.
Thank you, Rose Marie"

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Visions With Barbara Mackey

Visions with Barbara Mackey

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"Barbara is greatly appreciated by the listeners. She provides love, assistance and wisdom - to NewSkyRadio.com listeners during her show Visions. She provides them with 'the bigger picture' insight."

~ Lisa Rodman, Producer CBS Radio

105.9 Sunny FM
Barbara on the Rick Stacy Morning Show:

"Do you know that 12 out of the 13 things you told me came to pass. Amazing. One of them I didn't even realize until it just popped into my head the other day. Can we do another reading when I get back?"

~Rick Stacy - Program Director 1059 SUNNY FM