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NEW SERIES - Animal Planet's "THE HAUNTED"
Don't miss Barbara and the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association investigate animal hauntings. Second episode airing
Friday, February 5th at 10 pm and 12 am

Lost Souls of the Asylum

Two computer company owners buy an old building that was previously an insane asylum and later an animal testing lab.  When they begin hearing unexplainable sounds, seeing shadow figures, and receiving complaints from their workers, they call in a paranormal team for help.  The paranormal team with assistance from their police dog Ben, gather evidence that suggests the location is haunted by spirits of tortured souls.

(Curse of the Candle Shoppe)
Later, Linda Schlier was thrilled when her husband Jim bought her an old Victorian home so she could build the candle shop of her dreams. But not long after she opened the shop, Linda began experiencing things she could not find logical answers to.  After hearing the bizarre sounds of monkeys screeching and witnessing terrifying shadows of the primates swirl around her while she was in the shop, Linda ran from the store determined never to return alone. When she discovers that her building once belonged to an eccentric scientist who decapitated monkeys for medical testing, Linda realizes that her experiences might have an explanation. Fearing the loss of her store, Linda and Jim call in a paranormal team for help.

Barbara and PPA
Barbara with Lauren and Mark of the PPA

Animals are commonly believed to be more sensitive than humans; they are capable of sensing spirits that cannot be seen or heard by even the sharpest minds. THE HAUNTED (wt) chronicles true, chilling and terrifying ghost stories of animals and their owners haunted by paranormal spirits. In each episode, a paranormal team investigates the ghostly scene using infrared cameras and sensitive recording devices to capture and record those reaching out from beyond. Cinematic re-creations paired with witness testimonies and paranormal evidence brings these unsettling tales to life.

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